"Science, properly practised, can be seen as a kind of 'informed worship'" --Carl Sagan

Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome to the Christian SETI Alliance!

This website has been set up to support and promote the efforts of several long standing scientific programs in the field of the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). The focus of this particular website is to argue for participation in the SETI by Christians. This may seem like a peculiar and non-relevant overlap of worldviews, but our intention is to use this site as a collecting point for essays rebutting what we regard as a limiting, medievally narrow minded approach to the SETI (and indeed Science as a whole) by others who share our Christian faith, but whom we believe with sincerity, are damaging both civilisation and the Christian faith with their simplistic and wrong headed views.

This is not at all a venue for those who wish to advance crank arguments, such as the one that says that aliens are angels, UFOs are "heavenly chariots", that aliens are depicted in the Bible (particularly in Ezekiel), and we especially want to refute the idea that the basis of the SETI is irrevocably linked to a solely materialistic or atheistic worldview.

Additionally, we are keen to enlist your help in a practical way. The SETI@Home program has been running for many years now and utilises the idle computing power of computers like yours around the world to help sift radio telescope data for signals from alien civilisations. The Christian SETI Alliance is a leading team worldwide in this project and our arguments will gain a higher profile as our rank increases. Look elsewhere on this site for details on how to join us!

Further entries to this website will expand on these topics in turn. Stay tuned!

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Christopher Long said...

You know I had a vision once where I flying through the universe, and ended up in a whole different world, with a strange technology, the vehicles there walked like, and were in the shape of Beasts. I was inside of one and became uncomfortably aware that someone else was in there with me. I played it off and conversed with him like I had been there before. in this world, the beings there were able to defy gravity and fly. I know you don't like me and probably don't believe me. I just had to tell you. As GOD is my witness I am telling you the truth. I still remember it vividly. So this Idea is not totally crazy. A year ago I would have said it was a stupid Idea, now I just don't know.